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      Pat Brennan

      On reflection which online teaching approaches worked best for your school during Phase 1 of Covid-19, and which technologies were utilised by teachers to engage their students in these approaches? Post a reflective piece as a reply to this post.

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      Catherine Cotter

      G Suite

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      John Hurley

      Remote Learning @stbrendanscsbirr
      Thanks to Aengus Byrne for sharing

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      John Hurley

      Online resources for post-primary schools
      Thanks to Paul McCloskey for sharing

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      Michael Hallissy

      Avoid an Education Catastrophe.
      Virtual school will never be a perfect replacement for in-person learning, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

      Very interesting article from Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. Really nice example of using Zoom in a Maths lesson.

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      Noel Sullivan

      Im hoping to run short staff workshop with most of the information and some guiding animated video preloaded to teams folder. then run breakout rooms in teams for departments to review ,reflect discuss. ??? still thinking about it.

      Here is a link to a questionaire(quiz) im putting together for staff (self directed)
      its for microsoft forms. Feel free to edit/add and when you improve it let me know. Im creating a few short videos for staff .ill put them up when complete. (im a novice so they are what they are)

      Noel O Sullivan

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      Damian Tully

      During Phase 1 of Covid-19 in Coolmine Community School, we used Office 365 (Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint etc.) for remote learning.Teachers utilised many of the technologies on the TeachNimble Technology Wheel to engage with their students. A blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning / communication was used.

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      Noel Sullivan

      Hi Everyone.
      I have put together this powerpoint for our staff. It will be used in conjugtion with tutorial videos and workshops.
      your welcome to take it as is (incomplete and mistakes and all) and use it, if its any use to you.

      Click here for link


      NOEL O Sullivan
      Beara Community School

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      Noel Sullivan

      Hi Everyone
      Along with the powerpoint i mentioned above i have put together a few videos for the staff. The link is below if of any use. They are what they are. Being used in conjugtion with notes and discussion groups.

      Click link here

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      Noel Sullivan

      Hi Again
      Apologies a few people have had difficulty opening what i shared . I have put in new folder and will place anything i feel worthy in the folder.

      Just want to draw people attention to the extended desktop mode. great addition for blend or live sessions.

      Link to blended learning folder

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