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Rosemary Power

Outline of Lesson Scheme – ASD class (4 senior pupils) and reverse inclusion from 2 mainstream classes.

Heading: Our School

Lesson 1: Explaining the project, talking about Minecraft, buildings and drawing our school.
Setting up the groups – 4 groups of 3, 1 child from our ASD class and 2 from their mainstream class either 3rd or 4th.Selected by discussion with mainstream teacher to ensure not only mixed ability groups but ability to work together also.
Defining the roles and tasks for each group member – have role cards ready for each person. explain the roles will change for each lesson.
Introducing Minecraft allowing each group to try their skills.

Lesson 2: Take photos of the school and school grounds. measure around the school with a trundle wheel. Note the date over the front door.
Print photos. Get aerial photo of the school from the principal.
Draw out outline of the school.

Lesson 3: Start using Minecraft to build a model of the school.

Lesson 4: Continue to model using Minecraft with the intent to present to the school at next assembly.

Review: This cross-curricular project will cover elements of SPHE, Maths, English, Geography and History. More importantly it gives the kids in my ASD class to showcase their strengths and the reverse inclusion is of benefit to all.