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Lesson 1: The class will investigate how bridges work as part of a Science lesson. The initial lesson will focus on the science of force and load. They will gain an understanding of what elements are required to structure a bridge. The children will be divided into six groups examining different bridges (Arch, Suspension, Beam, Truss, Cable-stayed and Movable)

Lesson 2: Examining bridges in the locality. Children will use maps and photographs to examine the bridges that are in their locality. They will discuss materials used, purpose of the bridges and explore how bridges have evolved with technological advances that have been made.

Lesson 3: In their original six bridge groups from lesson 1, the children will sketch or construct their bridge. They will be given the option to sketch their bridges, identifying the materials required or they can construct a model of their bridge using K’nex.

Lesson 4: In groups they will construct their bridge in Minecraft. They will be all working in the one world which will be pre-made with a river that their bridge must be constructed on. They will work in their original groups assume roles of architect, engineer and builder. The architect must use the plan or model that constructed in Lesson 3 to instruct the builder how to build. The engineer will be responsible for identifying the most suitable materials that are to to used and the builder is responsible for the construction of the bridge. There will be a ten minute time allocated in each role.

Subjects integrated:
Science – Hydraulics, Force and Load
Maths – Number, Weight, Shape and Space
Geography – Natural Environment
History – Continuity and Change over Time
Art – Construction and Drawing
English – Oral language

Throughout these lessons the children will be working collaboratively in groups. They will have to assume roles and take responsibility for different aspects of the lessons. The groups will be arranged in a mixed ability grouping.