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Karen Smith

Criteria for an effective lesson

1. Lessons should be facilitated by the teacher but should be child-led

2. Clear objectives need to be set and the children need to know what these are

3. Problem-solving and communication skills must be explicitly taught

4. Children need to have researched the topics and have research material available; whether it’s online or in books etc.

5. There needs to be linkage and integration in all lessons

6. ICT skills need to be taught. Also, sufficient ICT equipment must be available for the children.

7. There should be differentiated objectives to allow all children to participate and achieve something.

School’s Current ICT level

All teachers use a laptop with an Interactive whiteboard.
The school is currently updating their records onto Aladdin to make payments etc. easier.
There are 2 iPads in my classroom and 3 in the autistic unit but none in the other classes.
There are two/three computers for the children in the back of each classroom from 2nd – 6th class
Classes are set up on Seesaw in infants and Class Dojo for the other classes. Children submit work an queries through this.
We have a Whatsapp group with the parents of the class to communicate
There is a school website and also a PTA facebook group in our school
There is not much of an emphasis to use ICT in your teaching and learning in our school. At present, the teachers in the school are requesting iPads for each teacher in the school and also a class set of iPads for the children to use
It is something I will be suggesting to include in our SSE as we are really falling behind with 21st century learning