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Karen Smith


Lesson 1
Children will be introduced to the topic of Pompeii. Children will learn the story of Mt. Vesuvius erupting. They will watch a video of the re-enactment of it. Children will look at and discuss the types of buildings that were there in Ancient Roman times

Lesson 2
Children will look at the materials used in the buildings in Pompeii. Children will also take note of the colours etc. Children will then decide on a building to create in the town of Pompeii. They will work in groups of 3/4.

Lesson 3
Children will plan out the structure of the town. Children will also plan out the dimensions of the town; looking at the area and perimeters of each building so that they are in proportion.

Lesson 4:
Children will work in their groups to make the town of Pompeii. They will then use these buildings to recreate the volcanic eruption and show the aftermath of the volcano in another world as a before and after.

Subjects integrated:
History – Children will be learning about early people and ancient societies
Geography – Children will be locating Rome on a map. Children will also be looking at human environments
Maths – Children will be using 3D shapes in their construction. They will also be using maths to determine the area and perimeter of the buildings
English – The children will be brainstorming and using oral language in their group work. They will also be using their presentation skills
Art – Children will be constructing. They will also be looking and responding to the early architecture.
Scinece -Children will be looking at the materials used to create the buildings.