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Maria Ryan

Part 1:
An effective lesson in Minecraft education would start with an effective lesson plan, setting clear objectives.
Some examples are:
• Develop an understanding of the skills required to work effectively as part of a team
• Learn to use the basic functions of the keyboard
• Presenting, and giving/receiving feedback
• Reflect upon performance and decisions for improvement
• Learn to use success criteria for peer assessment
The lesson should have a ‘low threshold’ and ‘high ceiling’ incorporating learning and challenges at each level of ability.
The teacher should direct, guide, and assist with the setting up of the structure and details of the project but the students must be given the creative space to develop their own knowledge as they work on and take ownership of the project.

Part 2:
Our school is in its seventh year in a new building. Each year we build on our knowledge and acquire more technology. We place an emphasis on digital learning. In 2018 we received the ‘Digital School of Distinction’ flag, in recognition of our work towards incorporating beneficial ICT practices across the school.
Each classroom has an IWB running Promethean ActivInspire software. Teachers have received some CPD in using IWBs interactively. During school closure we upskilled on using zoom, seesaw, loom. Each child set up a seesaw account and we will be continuing using this in the coming year as a home/school link with the children.
In September we will have a class set of chrome books which can be shared around the school. Each teacher has a Microsoft office account. I need to check further to see if we have access to Minecraft education. It would be a great resource to introduce to the senior part of the school to incorporate different levels of education through Minecraft projects.