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Mairead Holden

Lesson theme: Island settlement
Curriculum areas: Drama; Science (Design & make); Visual art
Class: 6th
This scheme of work is targeted towards a class who have already some experience in the basic functions of Minecraft.
The scheme would be a follow on from the class novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.
Lesson 1:
Research/investigate: Children are arranged into groups of 3. The groups are set up to ensure there is a mix of experience levels. Each group is assigned a coastal destination/country and then uses World Book online to research their destination/country (e.g. location, language, food, culture, customs, daily life, economy, government) using World Book.
Introduce scenario: Inform the groups that on their way to their destination, their plane has had to make an emergency landing on an uninhabited island (fictitious/imaginary) near their destination.
Lesson 2
Map: Using flipchart paper, groups should then draw their fictional island in more detail (on large flipchart page) using local countries as a guide for creating landscape/ flora and fauna for it. They might name the island and have a key for the map.
Lesson 3:
Creating plan for building a village Each group is then tasked with building their village on the island. They will need to discuss what services their village will need, for example, homes, shops, a school, etc.

Lesson 4:
Creating blueprints: Following discussion and agreement, each group will need to create set of blueprints for each structure they plan to build. These blueprints should be as detailed as possible, using squared paper. Children should clearly label the various elements of each structure.

Lesson 5-8:
Build in Minecraft: Prior to the build in Minecraft, teacher will set up a world using an ocean or warm ocean biome.
The group will need to decide who is responsible for building each feature in their village. Groups begin to construct their chosen village in Minecraft. Advise group members to report back and check in with each other periodically.

Children create a fly through of their village using screen record. They can then present these to the class.

Follow on activities/ Integration:
• Language (Creative writing) – create journals of their time on the island
• Science – create mini rafts
• Art – create travel posters, t-shirts, postcards for tourists to the island