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Kevin Maguire

Hi Claire,
Excellent review of what an effective Minecraft Education project would involve. All of the above criteria would make for a powerful project that would provide a rich learning environment that students would thoroughly benefit from. Your school seems to have made great progress in attaining good IT equipment. I wonder if your laptops are using Windows 10. that is a requirement for Minecraft Education. For best results, we purchased 20 licenses in our school through prodigy learning. In each class, students are assigned a laptop number and a log in. They always use their assigned laptop and log in and there is never any problems. The world is stored on the teacher laptop so when the laptop cart goes to a new classroom those students cannot access your classes world. I would suggest you speak to your principal about purchasing the licenses. Then you try to run a project in the coming year. Bring another class teacher in on your project and in doing so you will show them how it is done. If the project is a success you could later spend some time at a staff meeting sharing your experience and I am sure others will begin to follow in your footsteps. Well done.