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Kevin Maguire

Hi Sharon,
What an excellent and detailed plan for a Minecraft Project!I have found that with some groups you may need to provide them with the list of “Builds” so that they can divvy out responsibilities.Having a large amount of ideas can sometimes overwhelm some groups who struggle to assign roles. For example, in a group that is struggling you might have to assign the specific buildings to the children. I like your use of WW2 music within the lessons. The students would really enjoy this project. I think it is fantastic how much ownership and responsibility you are giving them in each different lesson. It is so important to emphasize to them prior to each lesson that they need to work together in order to get through to the build phase. Including a lesson that specifically focuses on group work skills might help. The students could work in their build groups and design a group work policy with rules. they can then use this throughout each stage.