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Sandra McGrath

School Setting: Special School for children with autism and complex needs (MGLD)

Lesson 1: Introduction of directions that will need to be used to navigate in Minecraft through P.E Games-Forward/backwards/up/down. The warm-up, main body and cool down would incorporate games to teach students directions list. These directions would be assisted with visual aids. An example of this game would be “Simon Says”.

Lesson 2: SESE lesson on Houses and Homes. Introduction video explaining houses and homes. Labelling different parts of a house and materials used to build a house. Sorting game of houses vs other places in the environment.

Lesson 3: Art lesson to create a house. Using a variety of different materials and textures students can copy a sample house or design their own house.

Lesson 4: Introduce Minecraft for Education on laptop. Allow students to explore by themselves. Give students the task of placing blocks down and finding items in inventory.

Review: Students participating in different lessons mentioned as a group together as a group. Students can collaborate though simple tasks such as giving other students in the class equipment or materials that they will need. Subject areas covered; PE, English, Maths, Art, SESE and SPHE