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Claire Murphy

Theme – ISS – International Space Station (Space theme)

Lesson 1: Explain to the children that we are going to learn all about the ISS and brainstorm. Show the children a video of the recent SpaceX launch to the ISS on the IWB. Explain to them the History of NASA and how a commercial company have made a rocket that will travel to space! Talk and Discussion with the class. Why do we have an ISS? Does it rotate around Earth or just hover? Split the children into working groups.

Lesson 2: Recap on prior knowledge and show the children a video of the inside of the ISS. Explain to them that a human crew lives on board and conducts various experiments in space. Think, pair and share – why might astronauts conduct experiments in space? Research facts about that station using various websites. Record in groups using A3 sheets. Present to the class.

Lesson 3: Recap on all prior knowledge. In working groups begin the design process of building a new module for the ISS. The children must label their work. Shadow groups as they embark on this task.

Lesson 4 +++: The children will be introduced to Minecraft and Mooncraft specifically. I will model and explain to the children how to navigate through. The children will have to bring their design to life and ‘build’ a new module for the ISS. Differentiation for higher achievers might include an area to conduct experiments. To ensure assessment all children will have a portfolio in which they will take pictures and notes of their finished work. A blackboard will also be required to showcase their finished module.

Review: The children will work as a class but where possible I will split the class into groups of three and have children who are proficient using Minecraft scattered across the different groups. This will ensure collaboration and peer-teaching. A visit to DreamSpace as a school tour will reinforce their learning. The children will present their Minecraft ISS modules to the school as part of ‘Science Week.’ The children will complete their learning with a walking debate – what worked well with your group? Would you do anything differently?

Subjects covered: Art, Science, History, Geography, SPHE, English, Maths.