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Caoilinn Tighe

Title: Amelia Earhart

Lesson 1:
Introduce the topic to the class through Drama methodologies such as teacher in role. Hold a classroom discussion on the times in which Ameila lived and why it was such an important moment for women when she crossed the Atlantic. Allow the children to go into role as someone from this time.

Lesson 2:
Distribute resources ie. Books or devices to allow the children to collect research on Ameila, her history and Aviation. Split the class into groups and assign a role to each student. The students must then compile the information and explain how they could build this out using Minecraft. Block coding will be introduced to the class if they are unfamiliar and they will be given time to explore the MakeCode.

Lesson 3:
Complete a Science lesson on aviation and aerodynamics. Experiment with a number of different materials and discover what material would be best to build a plane (or parachute) out of.
Allow the children to build out their worlds in Minecraft, taking into account what they have learned over the past number of days. The children will take turns working in the world and will note what they build in the world.

Lesson 4:
The children are to prepare a presentation for the class. The presentation is to include a fly through of their world in Minecraft. In their world they must use blackboards and the portfolio to explain the builds and the history of Ameila. They must also show the code that they used to assist with their building and explain how coding helped with their project.

The children will be working in groups/pairs throughout this process. While building their world, they will also be using multiplayer and will be given the opportunity to work in the world at the same time.
The students are learning through a thematic approach integrating technology, history, science, drama and more. These lessons could also be brought forward more by allowing the children to build out an aeroplane using paper mache.