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Sarah Butler

Greystones Harbour

Lesson 1:

Engage in talk and discussion on Greystones Harbour. Discuss what it looks like and its location. The children will be shown pictures of the Harbour before it was redeveloped. The teacher will show a brief PowerPoint on the harbour, explaining its former features and functions. The children will engage in reflection and compare and contrast the current harbour with the previous harbour. The children will be informed that they will be researching the harbour and that they will be constructing the 2 harbours in Minecraft as a whole class.

Lesson 2:

The children will work in groups to research the greystones harbours before and after. The children will note the changes that were made. The class will be told that they will be going on a walking tour of the harbour.

Lesson 3:

the teacher will demonstrate marking out the previous harbour on a map on the IWB using co-ordinates. The children will then be provided with their own maps to map out the current harbour. The children will do this in pairs.

Lesson 4:

For this lesson the children will be introduced to minecraft. The children will be reminded that they will be building both the previous and current harbours of greystones. The children will be put into groups (with children who are familiar with minecraft in each group if possible). This lesson will be a chance to become familiar with minecraft and to source the materials that they will need in order to complete their builds.

The children will go on to build the harbours in future lessons.


The children will be working as a whole class, in groups and in pairs. Peer tutoring will take place where possible (if some children are more au fait with minecraft).
The children will work collaboratively to explore the resources and materials available to them and how they will use them.
The children will also be able to present this project to other classes in the school.

Subjects covered include: History, English, Maths, Art, SPHE, Geography