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Anne McAuliffe

Part 1
The most important criteria for an effective lesson in any subject is that learning is taking place.
This can be achieved in Minecraft Education in a number of ways.
The pupils need to engage with the lesson and I have no doubt that there will be high engagement in any lesson when Minecraft is introduced.
The pupils need to learn how to work collaboratively as this is crucial is laptops. are shared during lesson.
The lesson must be suited to pupils of all abilities.
There must be a method of accessing what the pupils have learned. This can be done by using the camera and setting up a portfolio for each pupil.
Chalkboards canbe used to give pupils different tasks when they are in the Worlds.
Minecraft allows for integration between subjects.

Part 2

Our school has very limited use of IT at present.
The ‘old computer’ room had to be removed to be replaced with a new ASD classroom.
There are no laptops available in the school.
I am lucky to be in a classroom where pupils have their own smartpads.
Whiteboards are used throughout the school but I don’t have one in my classroom.
I would love to use minecraft in my class when I return to school.
I teach an ASD class and the pupils are always talking about Minecraft.
I see so many possibilities where I could use it in my classroom.
I’m not aware if we have the correct licence but I’m going to contact our IT consultant before I return to school.
I would love to tell the rest of the staff all about the amazing resources that Minecraft Education has to offer when I return to school.