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Aine O Broin

Title: The Romans

Lesson 1:

Explain to the children that they are going to be completing a project on the Romans. They will be split into groups with each group having a specific focus e.g. Homes/transport/Games & Entertainment/Food. They will be informed that they will be constructing a Roman town together on Minecraft. During this lesson, all prior knowledge about the Romans will be discussed on the IWB and the children will complete a Spider Diagram.

Lesson 2:

In groups, they will complete research on their project. They will use a iPads, laptops as well as information found in the library. The children will self-nominate to take on roles within their own group e.g. researcher, architect, note taker.

Lesson 3:

During this lesson, they children will take the knowledge gathered to plan and design their structures/area for construction. The children will have access to maps, photographs and sketch paper.

Lesson 4:

Today the children will construct their structures/plant their crops in Minecraft. The teacher will host the world with each group having a designated zone in which to build.


The children will work collaboratively in their groups to decide on roles within the group and in the construction on their zone.

The finished project will be shared with the other classes in their year group.

The children will script, narrate and film a video to accompany their project to be shared on the school website.

Subject areas covered: Art, English, History, Geography, Maths.