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Anne McAuliffe

Croom Mill

Lesson 1
Introduce concept of project to pupils and inform them that we are going to do a project on Croom Mill.
Bring the pupils on a walk to the village to look at the Mill.
Bring the pupils to The Museum in the Old School to look at pictures of the Mill.

Lesson 2
Discuss The Mill with pupils and introduce them to the the idea of using Minecraft to build The Mill.
Ask pupils to draw pictures of the The Mill focusing in on details that they might use when building in Minecraft.
Go through pupils designs with them and encourage them to make changes if required.

Lesson 3

Assign pupils the tasks of designing The Mill on Minecraft.
Introduce them to the different Features of Minecraft Education.
Introduce them to coding and commands and allow them time to ptactise these new skills.

Lesson 4

Set the Pupils an assignment to build The Mill on Minecraft using any new skills they may have learned.
Encourage the pupils to look at each others builds as they are building and to question each other on methods they have used.
Take pictures of builds and place in portfolios.


Bring in a guest from the Village to look at completed projects.
Share projects with other classes.
Ask pupils for suggestions for other projects they could complete in the same way.
The pupils will need to collaborate when doing their building projects.
There is integration with History as pupils examine the Mill and its function in the village.
Art and design is used as pupils draw up their plan of The Mill.
Pupils work together on their designs , SPHE.
Guest Speakers form a link between the past and the present