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Avril Hartrey

Online Module 1:
Minecraft Project: The Viking Triangle Waterford

Overarching these lessons the students will write a recount of each lesson in the form of a diary entry.

Lesson 1: Introduce the Minecraft project and discuss previous experience of Minecraft among the students. Explain to the students that they will be working together to recreate a plan of the Viking Triangle in Waterford City. We will watch videos such as the example on Ireland’s Ancient East and look at various other online images and sites, as well as using textbooks and other online resources such as scoilnet

Lesson 2
We will walk the Viking triangle and take photos of points of interest. (This is only minutes from our school). We will visit Reginald’s Tower and the Waterford Treasure Museum. Through discussion we will decide on groups to work on different aspects of the Triangle. There will be four groups of six students. I envisage ‘Reginald’s Tower’, the building of the ‘walls’ of the triangle, ‘Viking Church’ where Aoife and Strongbow married and general housing to be the main groups., but this will be open to change depending on student ideas. Once the students are in their groups we will do some work on rules for group work through SPHE lessons.

Lesson 3
I will introduce a starter lesson from Minecraft education on Florence, Italy and give the students a chance to explore and play. Students will be encouraged to consider what aspects of this lesson/world will help them when it comes to planning and building their own world.

Lesson 4
Students will create a drawing or model for their buil, keeping in mind what they experienced in the starter lesson. What were the Challenges? What new ideas do they have?
Lesson 5
Students will begin work on their Viking Triangle.
Lesson 6
Students will review their diary entries . They will discuss their experiences within their groups and then we will have a class discussion. I will provide discussion starter questions.