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Clare Loughnane

The Stone Age
Lesson One
I am having the same class next year that I had last year. There were fascinated with the Stone Age. It is funny because we were just discussing the difference between then and now with health and hygiene before the Lockdown and what we take for granted with washing hands and if you got a cut, it could get infected which led us to the importance of medicine and antibiotics. It was a fascinating discussion so I would return to this lesson and use it as my first Lesson.

Lesson Two
I would share my experience of my Microsoft Minecraft Lesson and ask the children about their experience of Minecraft and their prior Knowledge. I would ask the children to build a village. I would integrate this with SESE History and Geography and English. I would integrate with Art by asking the children to first draw a map (geography) of their village. We would discuss in English the important feature of a village for early settlers e.g. Water/River, Animals, Crops.

Lesson Three
The children would begin work collaboratively in their groups. They would learn the value of turn taking and patience while problem solving creatively. At this point, I would step back in my role as teacher and allow the children to create their project independently. They would have the control to change their story and show how their stone age people survived or not. This could be a very fun experience.

Lesson Four
The children would then present their completed projects to the class.There could be a notetaker for the group. I would also integrate Procedure writing and have the children write the steps needed in putting the lesson together. They could then use this information to train other children in other classes or if they were part of my afterschool computer club we could continue this work and learning there.
This would be a fantastic resource and integrate so many subjects such as Art, Music, English, History and Geography.