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Celine Callanan

Part 1: Discuss what the criteria are for an effective lesson in Minecraft Education:

The most important criteria for an effective lesson is that the learning is child led. The children should take ownership of their project. They should be working in a creative space exploring their imaginative sides. Children will use their problem-solving skills to overcome these and continue creating. The lessons should be collaborative in nature with the children working together to create their worlds. If there is a shortage of technology in the room, the collaborative work can take place whereby the children rotate between builder/researcher/designer. The effective lesson will also be cross curricular in nature.

Part 2: Discuss your school’s current level of ICT. Make reference to teacher use, student use, hardware, digital content, and school emphasis on integrating ICTs into teaching and learning. Is your school equipped for Minecraft education and how might you introduce it?

Our school has invested heavily in ICT over the past few years. We are part of a cluster project and have used our financing to purchase laptops as well as Minecraft licences and other coding software e.g. Beebots/Microbits/Crumbles/iZak 9s. The cluster class is currently entering 6th class and the classes from 4th upwards have had exposure to various elements of coding. All children also have Office 365 accounts which has enabled the older children to gain skills in Word/Excel/PowerPoint. The ongoing issue we have is that our digital team currently consists of two teachers and this can cause timing issues when trying to introduce the younger students to the resources that are available. CPD for all staff on the resources available to the school is imperative going forward. Minecraft was introduced to the students in two 5th classes in March of this year but will be reintroduced in September.