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Sandra McGrath

Part 1: The most important criteria for an effective lesson is to ensure it is child led so students can feel ownership over their own work.
Secondly the lesson should incorporate the 21st Century skills so that students can become competent in these skills when moving into their careers.
The lessons should encompass a wide range of subjects from the curriculum. This alongside a theme can make learning more relatable and fun for students.
Also, lessons should allow for individual creativity with the success criteria. This links in with the first point on the lesson being child led. Students will feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work when given the opportunity to be creative. Some students may need some guidance to be given their journey of creativity.
Lastly, the lessons should cater for all needs and abilities within the classroom. Minecraft lessons can be very inclusive when implemented correctly. Students can work at their own pace.

Part 2: Unfortunately, we don’t have access to Microsoft 365, this is something we would have to purchase. I would have to speak to management about this decision. We currently have a computer room with 3 desktop computers. Within each classroom we have a class laptop and iPad. There may be access to MacBook’s. We also have interactive whiteboards in each class and a portable whiteboard.
If I were to implement Minecraft to my classroom I would download it onto the class laptop and allow students who have computer skills to access it during downtime or work for it as a reinforcer. I could also have a group and display Minecraft on the interactive whiteboard. It also may interest older students in the school. Assembly time might be a good opportunity to allow students to spark interest it and also engage in the lesson in an interactive way.