TeachNimble Blended Learning for Teachers

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Welcome to the TeachNimble Blended Learning Progam.  During this program you will engage in a blended learning experience which consists of:

  • Two online self-directed modules
  • A live online workshop

The program will introduce you to some fundamental concepts associated with blended learning and will prepare you to begin designing your own blended learning plans using the approaches and technology you are already comfortable using. We have designed the learning materials to give you a good introduction to the key ideas associated with blended learning in advance of the live workshop.

In the live workshop, we will recap on some of the key ideas and build on the asynchronous learning activities.

The workshop is discussion focused so you can:

  • Share your current blended learning practices with your peers
  • Develop new strategies for blended learning
  • Create an initial blended learning plan
  • Use this process in own teaching practice

Through your participation in the program you will engage in:

  • Planning process for designing your blended learning program
  • Producing a blended learning plan for implementation

We hope you enjoy this blended learning experience and we look forward to seeing you at the online live workshop.