STEM Discover Climate and Space

DPSM and ESERO Ireland logos

Ireland’s European Space Education & Resource (ESERO) and Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards (DPSM) offers you a unique opportunity to participate in our on-line summer course for teachers of 2nd to 6th classes. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach students the difference between weather and climate using classroom resources … Read more

Digital Technologies and SEN

This course will explore the effective use of technology for students with SEN. A range of hardware, software and online options will be explored with the emphasis on using digital technologies to support the curriculum or the individual pupil support plan. Course Author Holly Murray is a History and Geography teacher based in Co .Donegal. … Read more

Office 365 for Education

Learn how to develop and enhance 21st century skills in your classroom using Microsoft’s Office 365 in conjunction with the Microsoft’s Education Centre. 21st century skills are the skills that today’s students will need to be successful in this ever changing world and include communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, social and emotional intelligence, technological … Read more

DreamSpace STEM in the Primary Classroom

Hacking STEM in the Primary Classroom explores how teachers can use technology to create inquiry and project-based activities that can be used across the primary curriculum.Teachers will engage in hands-on activities using a range of digital tools and resources including MakeCode, Micro:Bit, Paint 3D, Kahoot, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, OneNote… Total Online Time: [uo_time]

Minecraft for Education

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment This course will explore how teachers can use it as cross-curricular learning tool to help improve student engagement, collaboration, creative exploration, and learning outcomes. Total Online Time: [uo_time]